happy halloween

Greetings and Happy Halloween to friends and family, and to all who read this. It’s a chilly night here in Oregon. It was raining earlier, but it’s stopped for now; I know there’s a full moon out there somewhere, even if it’s behind the clouds. I’d like to send a special greeting to my grandchildren, […]

“the three boys”

The three pictures shown here sit in frames on the table next to my bed. Each night before I turn out the light, I take a look at each photo and contemplate each of “my boys” as I think of them. The pictures are of my dad, my son, and my grandson. The picture of […]

great-great-great grandma wilson

Grandma Wilson was my dad’s (Phil Marton’s) maternal grandmother (the mother of his mother). She was my great-grandmother, Tommy’s great-great grandmother, and S&G’s great-great-great grandmother. She was born Johanna Bergleiter in Europe in 1873 and lived in the German town of Hermannstadt then located in Austria-Hungary. (The town is now called Sibiu and is in […]