happy halloween

Greetings and Happy Halloween to friends and family, and to all who read this. It’s a chilly night here in Oregon. It was raining earlier, but it’s stopped for now; I know there’s a full moon out there somewhere, even if it’s behind the clouds. I’d like to send a special greeting to my grandchildren, […]

“the three boys”

The three pictures shown here sit in frames on the table next to my bed. Each night before I turn out the light, I take a look at each photo and contemplate each of “my boys” as I think of them. The pictures are of my dad, my son, and my grandson. The picture of […]

great-great-great grandma wilson

Grandma Wilson was my dad’s (Phil Marton’s) maternal grandmother (the mother of his mother). She was my great-grandmother, Tommy’s great-great grandmother, and Sadie and Garrett’s great-great-great grandmother. She was born Johanna Bergleiter in Europe in 1873 and lived in the German town of Hermannstadt then located in Austria-Hungary. (The town is now called Sibiu and […]

great-grandma ida

Today is my mom’s birthday. She was born in Colorado in 1922 to Howard and Lillian Rose (my grandparents) and died in Los Angeles in 1996. Today would have been her 90th birthday. Tommy called her “Grandma Ida”, and he spent a lot of time at her home on Breeze Ave in Venice and at […]