Tommy at Aunt Gertrude’s, 1975

  In a previous post I wrote about my aunt Gertrude, Tommy’s great aunt, who was my dad’s older sister. I recently came across the photo posted above, which was taken on a visit that Tommy and I made to her house in 1975. My aunt Gertrude lived most of her adult life in Riverside, […]

january 1942: great-grandpa phil marton’s cma diploma

I recently scanned my dad’s, Phil Marton’s, diploma from the California Maritime Academy. Although I have already added it to an earlier post about my dad’s career in the merchant marine, I thought it would be worth posting it again and writing a few more things about it. (To take a closer look at the […]

“the three boys”

The three pictures shown here sit in frames on the table next to my bed. Each night before I turn out the light, I take a look at each photo and contemplate each of “my boys” as I think of them. The pictures are of my dad, my son, and my grandson. The picture of […]

great-grandpa philip

On this date in 1957 (October 2, 1957, fifty-five years ago today) my dad passed away. He died of a cerebral aneurism, a condition that could have almost certainly been treated successfully with modern medical techniques — but was not really treatable in 1957. My dad was only 36 years old when he died. He had served as an […]


Tom was an avid camper, and one of his favorite destinations was Yosemite. He took his family there often. Although Tom and I never went to Yosemite together, we did camp at other places when he was little. Interestingly enough, Yosemite was a favorite spot where my own dad (Tom’s grandpa Philip Marton) took me and my brother […]