tommy in tulelake, ca, 1983

My wife, Maureen, recently found the photo shown below, which was taken in the living room of Maureen’s parents, Maurice and Lois Ott, in 1983. Maurice and Lois are my wife, Maureen’s, parents. At the time this picture was taken, they were living on a farm south of Tulelake, a community in northern California near […]

tommy and mr. plepler at stairway of the stars

I recently updated an earlier post that described Tommy’s performance at Stairway of the Stars at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1981. On that post, I have added some images, and I decided to offer those images on this new post as well. First, below, is a close-up of Tommy taken from the cover […]

a poem by john greenleaf whittier

Happy New Year to all. I would like to offer a poem, a greatly abridged (with apologies to John Greenleaf Whittier) version of “Barefoot Boy”. ┬áIt reminds me of my son Tommy, and of my own childhood in southern California. Even though Tommy was 42 when he died, lately my thoughts return, again and again, […]