venice canals, part 2

As described in the previous post, Tommy and I used to enjoy walking/skateboarding through the Venice canals neighborhood. We usually came down Dell Ave. from the north and rode/walked across the bridges where Dell crosses the canals. ¬†After crossing Washington Boulevard a bit further south, we would typically walk/skateboard southward through the Marina del Rey […]

skateboarding over the venice canals

During Tommy’s childhood, his Grandma and Grandpa Finhandler lived in various parts of Venice. For example, at one point they lived at 330 Venice Way, very near the canals. Tom and I spent a lot of time walking through the canals (more accurately, I walked and he skateboarded). Usually, we would walk/skateboard south along Dell […]

a poem for loved ones, near and far

I read a poem this evening by the 8th-century Chinese poet Li Shang-Yin, which I found very moving. It is titled “When Will I Be Home?” For me, this poem evokes the feeling from many years ago, when Tommy was a boy, and I was a at sea many miles from home, missing my son. […]

tom’s sixth great grandfather, jesse peck

Tom was very interested in history, especially local California history, and he was also very interested in his own family’s history. This interest included all branches of his family: the Roses and Martons on my side and the Welckers and Craters on his mother’s side. Tom would be especially interested in some recent research I […]

map of tom’s trip to will rogers park

Here is a map of the final part of Tom’s bike ride to Will Rogers (see previous post). It shows Carlyle Ave., 26th Street and where it crosses San Vicente and then turns into Allenford, then Sunset Blvd., and finally Will Rogers Park. (Click on the map to enlarge it.)           […]

tom’s bike ride from samohi in 1987

Tom was an avid bike rider from an early age. At age 14 he owned a Miyata mountain bike, which he rode around town extensively, in the mountains, offroad, in the mud, and in places you wouldn’t think a bike could go. He not only rode bikes, but he fixed them, disassembled and reassembled them, […]