Grandma Ida and Grandpa Phil Marton in 1939

My niece Maureen scanned some old family photos and sent them to me recently. I would like to share some of those pictures on this site, and for now I will post two pictures that were taken at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, which took place in 1939 and 1940. The first picture, taken in 1939, is of my mom (Tom’s grandmother Ida) and my dad (Tom’s grandfather Philip). Ida Rose was 17 at that time, and Phil Marton was 18. At the time, the two were still boyfriend and girlfriend. They were married in 1943.

Ida Rose and Phil Marton in 1939


The second photo was taken in 1940. At the time, Phil was a second year cadet at the California Maritime Academy across the bay from San Francisco. Ida was 18 and Phil was 19 at the time the photo was taken.  (The young man on the left is Andy Rasmussen, a classmate of my dad’s.)

Andy Rasmussen, Ida Rose, and Phil Marton in 1940








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