mr. mettler and mr. plepler

Tom was blessed with exceptional music teachers and mentors over the years. Two that stand out in my memory are Darrell Mettler and Sherm Plepler, who team taught in the Santa Monica school district. When Tom was a student at Grant School, I went to an early-morning orchestra rehearsal there and I had the privilege of […]

reading richard scarry books with tommy

I have a film clip that Tom sent me back when G-man was a toddler. It was filmed at their home in Goleta, and it shows G running from the living room, into and through the kitchen to the hallway, then back into the living room, then back into the kitchen, around and around. I […]

fastest cargo ship in the world

As mentioned in the posts before this one, I spent my early career as a ship’s officer working on board oil tankers. When Tommy was a toddler, we actually lived in Point Richmond, on San Francisco Bay, right next to the Chevron refinery. Tommy and I would walk from our house down to the bay, […]

photo of ss lompoc and other t2 tankers I served on

As a follow-up to the previous post, below is a photo of one of the coastal tankers I worked on, the Steamship (SS) Lompoc. The Lompoc was named after the city in California, located near Santa Barbara and Buellton. She was an old T2, a standard design built during World War II. She was about […]