remembering a great and happy day in 1998

My grandson Garrett’s birthday is coming up soon — he will be 15. He is affectionately known as G or G-man, both of which are diminutives of his name. I vividly remember when G was born in 1998, a great and happy day. Below is a picture of me and G taken on the beach in Goleta in […]

tom and computers… a few more thoughts

I was thinking this evening of the similarities between Tom and my grandson (Tom’s son, Garrett, affectionately known as the G-man). One of the similarities is their natural affinity for computers. Even though they are from different generations, they both have demonstrated a natural ability and understanding for computers. In Tom’s case, his early experience with […]

more about tom and computers

Tom was in the first generation that essentially grew up with computers. He took a class in computers in junior high school; I seem to remember him learning on a Commodore 64 (which had 64K of RAM) and somewhere along the line he almost certainly used an Apple II in school. When the early IBM […]