thoughts on tom’s birthday

Today is Tom’s birthday — he would have been 45 today. The picture above typifies Tom so well: it shows him hiking in Yosemite, one of his favorite places. The photo was taken, if I’m not mistaken, by my grandson Garrett. It has been 2 1/2 years since Tom passed away, and what shouldn’t surprise […]

tom’s early years in santa barbara

Soon after graduating from college in the early 1990s, Tom moved to San Luis Obispo, where he started a mobile bicycle repair business. Even with a sound business plan and his strong mechanical skills, though, he found it a very hard business to break into. He eventually moved to Santa Barbara, where he had an […]

tom, g, and the jesusita trail

The last hike Tom and I took together was on the Jesusita Trail above Goleta. G went with us also, and the memory of that hike is especially meaningful to me. Tom had already been diagnosed with lymphoma at that point,¬†although he hadn’t started his really difficult treatment yet. He loved the mountains and trails […]

tom’s voyages on merchant ships

During most of Tommy’s childhood I was working as a ship’s officer in the merchant marine. I sailed on oil tankers, freighters, containerships, passenger ships, and even one ship that carried bulk sugar from Hawaii to California. Going to sea was an important part of my life, and the memory of it still is, but […]

camino cielo

Tom enjoyed taking drives and hikes in the Camino Cielo area — for example, the Snyder Trail near Knapp’s Castle was one he hiked and introduced me to. One of my favorite memories is a drive Tom and I took in 1995 or so, along the entire length of West Camino Cielo, from Highway 154 […]