additional photos

Recently I went through my family photos and found a few to add to this blog. The first is a photo that Tom took of me in the Marin headlands, one of Tom’s and my own very¬†favorite hiking places. I posted it under “hiking in marin: the batteries, the dipsea trail, and beyond.” Also, I […]

hiking in marin: the batteries, the dipsea trail, and beyond

Tom and I discovered the old batteries one day when we were exploring around on the Marin headlands. These are gun emplacements from decades past, which were installed for the defense of San Francisco against an attack from the sea. They are obsolete now and have long since been abandoned. Tom was fascinated with these […]

tom in san francisco

Tom loved San Francisco and the Bay Area and spent a lot of time there at ¬†different times in his life. When Tom was little, we lived in the east bay for several years, and that was his initial experience of the Bay Area. Later, when he was living in Santa Monica with his mom, […]