august 19

“A man’s dying is more the survivors’ affair than his own.” (Thomas Mann) Today is the anniversary of Tommy’s death, and for me it brings to mind the above quote from Thomas Mann. I think Mann got it right — Tommy’s death is something that continues to affect us. And moreso, what stays with us […]

tommy in point richmond

  I found some pictures of my son Tommy in an old cigar box recently, and I’m posting a few of them here. The cigar box actually belonged to my Aunt Vivian years ago and dates back to her childhood in Los Angeles in the 1930s. Vivian’s father (my step-grandfather), Ernie Voigt, was a California […]

moon over los angeles

Author Michael Connelly, who has great affection for Los Angeles, speaks for me when he writes in his novel The Black Ice: He loved the city most at night. The night hid many of the sorrows. It silenced the city yet brought deep undercurrents to the surface. It was in this dark slipstream that he […]

Tommy’s graduation from CSUN in 1991

Tommy graduated from Cal State Northridge (CSUN) in 1991 with a degree in Real Estate. Today is the 23rd anniversary of his graduation. The¬†graduation ceremony was on a Wednesday morning, so in order to make it to his ceremony, I headed south right after work on Tuesday.¬†I drove 600 miles Tuesday evening and stayed in […]

tommy in tulelake, ca, 1983

My wife, Maureen, recently found the photo shown below, which was taken in the living room of Maureen’s parents, Maurice and Lois Ott, in 1983. Maurice and Lois are my wife, Maureen’s, parents. At the time this picture was taken, they were living on a farm south of Tulelake, a community in northern California near […]

merry christmas

Merry Christmas to all — I hope everybody who reads this is having a wonderful night! Best wishes especially to my grandchildren Garrett and Sadie; my nephew Phillip; and my nieces Patience, Maureen, and Jennifer. Best wishes also to all the seamen who read this throughout the world, at sea or in port — I […]