great-great-great-great grandma & grandpa shadford

I have some old family photos and other materials from the 1800s that include an obituary for my great-great grandfather James G.B. Shadford. He was my Grandpa Rose’s maternal grandfather (the father of Grandpa Rose’s mother, Lulu). So Grandpa Shadford is Tom’s great-great-great grandfather, and S&G’s great-great-great-great grandfather. Recently I found a photo of Grandma […]

more about grandma wilson

I recently received some copies of documents from my cousin Chris in Paradise, California. Chris is my great-uncle Otto’s daughter, so she is my dad’s first cousin. The documents include Grandma Wilson’s marriage certificate, some documents in German that look like baptismal certificates from Europe, and two postcards that my Grandma Hattie (Hedwig Marton) sent […]