great-great-great-great grandma & grandpa shadford

I have some old family photos and other materials from the 1800s that include an obituary for my great-great grandfather James G.B. Shadford. He was my Grandpa Rose’s maternal grandfather (the father of Grandpa Rose’s mother, Lulu). So Grandpa Shadford is Tom’s great-great-great grandfather, and S&G’s great-great-great-great grandfather. Recently I found a photo of Grandma […]

stormy weather in oregon

We’ve had some stormy weather here in Jackson County, with steady rain. It’s been snowing up in the mountains, and it even snowed here on the valley floor yesterday. So even though winter doesn’t start officially until the end of the week, it’s definitely here already. We’re temporarily between storms tonight, but it’s a cold, […]

tommy the bluegrass fiddler

Tommy picked up his first fiddle at age eight, and from the beginning his preference was for bluegrass music. Tommy could play a variety of instruments (including guitar and mandolin) but he was first and foremost a fiddler. As a child, he won numerous awards for his fiddle performances, and he began playing professionally even […]