letters, continued (1991)

Tom wrote the following letter in February of 1991. He would soon celebrate his 22nd birthday. At that point, he was still living at his mom’s place in Santa Monica. He was going to college in the Valley, and in May of that year he would graduate with his bachelor’s degree.

Dear Dad,

Since I am so lazy, I thought I would write you a letter on the computer. This is really helpful since writing takes a long time. You should think of getting one of these [computers] since you type fast. You could write a letter in a few minutes.

So far I have been pretty busy at school. It looks like I will not have much free time to goof off. Luckily, I find all of my classes interesting, although they will be hard. In case you are wondering what I’m taking, here are my classes:

1.  Real Estate Appraisal

2.  Real Estate Finance

3.  Real Estate Law

4.  Environmental Health

5.  Introduction to Jazz

6.  Geography:  The Atmosphere

I have many papers due so I expect to be at the library often, so you might be talking to my answering machine.

Last weekend, I took time off of studying to work on a commuter bike. I had so many spare parts in the garage that I was able to assemble a bike while only having to buy two small parts. You will be able to fit this bike and it would be a good one for you to ride while you are down here. I’m sure that you have become quite proficient at mountain biking since our little romp on the BMX track.

I must go now. I have a massive geography assignment due tomorrow. I’ll talk to you soon.

Love, Tom













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