hiking with tom

We’ve had some very rainy weather here in southern Oregon but enjoyed a break between storms today. This afternoon I cleaned the leaves out of all the rain gutters on our house, so we’re ready for the next storm, which is coming soon. The freezing weather hasn’t really started yet this winter, but everything is pretty much winterized and ready for the low temperatures that will be coming in the weeks ahead.

I took advantage of the temporary clearing in the weather to take a walk this evening. On my walks, I usually head up the hill to the east toward Foothill Road. I make my way over to Lone Pine Road, and then walk all the way up to where it meets Foothill. (It’s interesting that there’s also a Foothill Road in Santa Barbara, which Tom drove on many times.)

Usually I walk in the evening, so I’m generally walking in the dark. As I walk along I always think about Tom and the hikes we used to take together. On these evening walks, it often feels like Tom and I are hiking together in the hills above Santa Barbara like we used to, or on the Elwood Bluffs or in the Marin Headlands, or the Santa Monica Mountains. Sometimes, for a moment, it feels like he is there walking next to me once again.

the Elwood Bluffs near Santa Barbara











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