christmas photos from uncle fred

My brother (Tommy’s uncle) Fred recently sent me a couple of photos taken recently. Below is a picture of Fred and his daughter, Maureen. Below is a photo of his oldest daughter, Patience. After serving with the Peace Corps in what was then Zaire (and now Republic of Congo) for a number of years, first […]

merry christmas

Merry Christmas to all — I hope everybody who reads this is having a wonderful night! Best wishes especially to my grandchildren Garrett and Sadie; my nephew Phillip; and my nieces Patience, Maureen, and Jennifer. Best wishes also to all the seamen who read this throughout the world, at sea or in port — I […]


I’ve been looking through some old boxes, and found quite a few old photos that I’d like to share on this blog eventually. I’ll post a sampling for now.┬áThe picture below was taken when Tommy was seven years old. At the time he was a 2nd grader at Will Rogers School on 14th Street in […]