Tommy at Aunt Gertrude’s, 1975

  In a previous post I wrote about my aunt Gertrude, Tommy’s great aunt, who was my dad’s older sister. I recently came across the photo posted above, which was taken on a visit that Tommy and I made to her house in 1975. My aunt Gertrude lived most of her adult life in Riverside, […]

tommy’s great aunts gertrude and vivian

My dad Phil Marton had two sisters, my aunts Gertrude and Vivian. (Vivian was Phil’s half sister, the daughter of my Grandma Hattie and my dad’s step father Ernie Voigt). I don’t have a picture of Aunt Vivian at present, but here is one of Aunt Gertrude: Tommy never had the opportunity to meet his […]

more about grandma wilson

I recently received some copies of documents from my cousin Chris in Paradise, California. Chris is my great-uncle Otto’s daughter, so she is my dad’s first cousin. The documents include Grandma Wilson’s marriage certificate, some documents in German that look like baptismal certificates from Europe, and two postcards that my Grandma Hattie (Hedwig Marton) sent […]