video clip about the venice canals

My brother Fred recently sent me a video clip containing some great photos and his own audio comments about the Venice canals. There are some photos from the 1970s (and earlier) including pictures of Fred, my mom, my brother Billy, Tommy, and others. The clip includes photos of the canals and also the old Venice […]

tommy in venice 1973/1974

I recently scanned some old black-and-white photos of Tommy that were taken in the early 1970s, a number of which were taken in Venice. In the 1970’s my parents, Grandma Ida & Grandpa Bill Finhandler, were living at 122 Breeze Ave  in Venice. Breeze Ave  is not really an “avenue” but more of a sidewalk […]

grandma ida in 1926

Below is a photo of Tom’s Grandma Ida taken in about 1926. It’s a particularly poignant photo, from my perspective. My mom was always a dog lover, and she passed that sentiment along to her children. When my brother Fred and I were little, we had a dog, a cocker spaniel named Friskey, when we […]

skateboarding over the venice canals

During Tommy’s childhood, his Grandma and Grandpa Finhandler lived in various parts of Venice. For example, at one point they lived at 330 Venice Way, very near the canals. Tom and I spent a lot of time walking through the canals (more accurately, I walked and he skateboarded). Usually, we would walk/skateboard south along Dell […]

tom’s sixth great grandfather, jesse peck

Tom was very interested in history, especially local California history, and he was also very interested in his own family’s history. This interest included all branches of his family: the Roses and Martons on my side and the Welckers and Craters on his mother’s side. Tom would be especially interested in some recent research I […]