Driver is a 3D game, now considered a classic, that Tom and G enjoyed playing.  The interesting thing about this game, besides the 3D action and the realistic look and handling of the cars, was the fact that the action took place in real cities. My favorites were Miami and San Francisco, but I liked […]

mario brothers

Another favorite video game for Tom was Mario Brothers, which came out about the time he was in ninth grade. He spent many hours playing that game at the Santa Monica pier, and at other arcades and places with video game machines. In the game, Mario and Luigi are Italian American plumbers who have the […]

donkey kong

Another of Tom’s favorite games was Donkey Kong. The original Donkey Kong game was one of the best-selling arcade machines of the early 1980s. The original version was followed by a number of other versions. The objective was to climb the ramp and rescue the girl at the top, while scoring points on the way […]

early video games

Another strong similarity between Tom and G-man is their mutual love of video games. Tom grew up playing the arcade games of the 1970s and 1980s, and later, after G was born, they enjoyed playing the more modern video games together. Pictured above is an example of one of Tom’s favorite games, which he regularly […]