Tommy’s bike ride from Samohi in 1987, revisited

  In an earlier post, I described a bike ride Tommy took as part of his PE class during the spring of his senior year in high school. At the time, he drew me a map of his planned route, which took him from the gym at Santa Monica High School north to Will Rogers […]

tommy in los angeles

Consider a mental image: I am riding in the passenger seat of Tommy’s pickup truck, driven by my teen-age son, on a Los Angeles night — a night like the boy himself, bright, full of expectation and promise. Los Angeles feels to me at that moment like a place where anything is possible, a city […]

the santa monica mountains, part 2

I recently was going through my desk and found an old parking stub dated March 26, 1985… Tom’s 16th birthday. If my memory serves me correctly (a big “if” these days) it’s a parking ticket from Will Rogers State Park, which is located just north of Sunset Boulevard in the foothills of the Santa Monica […]

maps of san pedro visit

I’m posting a few maps here to illustrate some of the places I went with my brothers, Tommy’s uncles Fred and Billy, during our recent visit in Los Angeles. These streets and landmarks have special meaning to all of us (including Tommy) because we spent so much time as children in these places. The first […]

artifacts, documents, and the glow of the past

I’ve been going through some of my old letters, documents, and keepsakes of Tom,  and found some artifacts/documents that relate to previous posts. These include a program from the Stairway of the Stars performance in 1981, in which Tommy performed a fiddle solo; also a hand-drawn map that Tom sent me showing the route of […]

map of tom’s trip to will rogers park

Here is a map of the final part of Tom’s bike ride to Will Rogers (see previous post). It shows Carlyle Ave., 26th Street and where it crosses San Vicente and then turns into Allenford, then Sunset Blvd., and finally Will Rogers Park. (Click on the map to enlarge it.)           […]

tom’s bike ride from samohi in 1987

Tom was an avid bike rider from an early age. At age 14 he owned a Miyata mountain bike, which he rode around town extensively, in the mountains, offroad, in the mud, and in places you wouldn’t think a bike could go. He not only rode bikes, but he fixed them, disassembled and reassembled them, […]

more on stairway of the stars — tom’s solo in 1981

In a previous post I described Tom’s performances  in “Stairway of the Stars”, a gala event at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium that was presented each spring. The program was performed by the honor orchestras from the various schools in the Santa Monica school district. Each year the school district produced and published a sound […]

recent thoughts, continued

During his early childhood, Tom lived in a variety of places: Point Richmond and El Sobrante (near San Francisco), and Mount Shasta in northern California. But he spent most of his childhood in Santa Monica, went to Santa Monica schools, and eventually graduated from Santa Monica High School (Samohi). Tom and his mom lived on […]