tommy performing with friends

Recently I found a video on youtube that features Tommy playing music with his friends Mike Mullins, Tom Lee, Kevin Alvarado, and others. The video was posted by Greg Harrison on April 11, 2014. Here is the link: Because Tommy has obviously lost his hair prior to this performance, I’m assuming it was made sometime after he started […]

remembering a great and happy day in 1998

My grandson Garrett’s birthday is coming up soon — he will be 15. He is affectionately known as G or G-man, both of which are diminutives of his name. I vividly remember when G was born in 1998, a great and happy day. Below is a picture of me and G taken on the beach in Goleta in […]

tommy the bluegrass fiddler

Tommy picked up his first fiddle at age eight, and from the beginning his preference was for bluegrass music. Tommy could play a variety of instruments (including guitar and mandolin) but he was first and foremost a fiddler. As a child, he won numerous awards for his fiddle performances, and he began playing professionally even […]

musician and father

Tommy Marton was loved and celebrated as a bluegrass musician, but his children were his main source of pride and happiness. Lately, I’ve been thinking about Tom and what he was like at about the same age his children are now. For example, in his early teens, Tom’s interests included his skateboard, his mountain bike (which […]