June 1969

At the time of Tommy’s birth, his mom and I were living in a miniscule apartment over a dilapidated garage on Grand View Blvd. on the west side of Los Angeles near Mar Vista. In the picture below, Tommy and I are watching TV in that tiny apartment.

Tommy, age 2½ months, and Greg, age 20, in June 1969

The photo was taken in June of 1969 when I was 20 years old and Tommy was 2½ months. The photo had been buried at the bottom of an old cigar box until a few days ago. I came across it while going through some old memorabilia: high  school notebooks, boy scout badges, an ancient pocket knife, a baseball from Little League, several non-functioning watches, and other artifacts from what seems like another lifetime.

While going through that cigar box, I also discovered some photos of Tommy that were taken in Point Richmond when we were living there in 1971. I plan to post some of those photos on this blog soon.












3 thoughts on “June 1969

    • I think it probably is still there. Soon after that picture was taken, and after I graduated from the maritime academy, we moved to a two-bedroom apartment on Venice Blvd, west of Centinela. It wasn’t much, but was luxurious compared to that little apartment over the garage on Grand View.

  1. Michael Boyle here. I started my time with Chevron on deck. Sailed as OS and AB, Dayworker. 1969-1975. I also sailed on the Lane Victory in 1969 to Nam. (19 days at anchor in Danang Harbor). If anyone remembers me or those years feel free to drop me a line, at cmb6784@earthlink.net. Smooth sailing to all.

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