tom’s children


Tom’s children, Sadie and Garrett

This picture of Tom’s children was taken in late 2016. In the months since the picture was taken, Sadie turned 15, and Garrett recently  turned 19. Needless to say, Tom was blessed with great children. He loved them a lot and I know he would be proud and delighted with them now that they are entering adulthood.

It has been almost 6 years since Tom passed away. I continue to think of him often — every day — and I frequently find myself speaking his name aloud. Many of those memories include Tom’s kids, my grandchildren, who will always be interwoven into the way I remember Tom’s life and the time he spent with us.








One thought on “tom’s children

  1. Every time I play bluegrass, which is always, I remember all the times of playing with him. Awesome musician and the gentlest of souls. Miss him dearly. ________________________________

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