more ancestors: the peck family

Jesse Truesdell Peck, Tom's 4th Great Grandfather

Jesse Truesdell Peck, 1811-1883

Pictured above is Jesse Truesdell Peck, grandson of the earlier Jesse Peck, mentioned previously in this blog, who had served under George Washington in the revolutionary war. Jesse Truesdell Peck was the son of Luther Peck, and the brother of Anna Peck, Tom’s 4th great grandmother. All five of Luther Peck’s sons became Methodist ministers, the most famous of whom was Jesse, the youngest, pictured above. Jesse eventually became a bishop in the Methodist church.

I stumbled across a book on Google and on that is still available at quite a few libraries, and in e-book format online: Luther Peck and his Five Sons. It was originally published in 1897 and includes a biography of Luther Peck, plus biographies of each of his sons, with photos of each. The Google site describing the book can be found at:

The famous 19th-century novelist, Stephen Crane, who was Jesse Truesdell Peck’s great-nephew, once remarked: “Upon my mother’s side, everyone in my family became a Methodist clergyman as soon as they could walk, the ambling-nag, saddlebag, exhorting kind.”












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