dreams and memories

It’s another cold evening in southern Oregon… 42 degrees outside and the sun hasn’t gone down completely yet. So it will probably freeze tonight. Today we took the Honda in and changed over to the studded snow tires. Also, I put four “tubes” of sand in the back of my Ranger (about 250 pounds) to […]

greetings this sunday night

I’m still thinking about my last post and the memories associated with the mountains and the adventures Tom and I had there. I really miss him a lot, and I think about him every day. Also, I think a lot about my grandchildren and hope they are well this Sunday night. In any case, good […]

the santa monica mountains

Below is a picture of Eagle Rock, which is located in the Santa Monica mountains near Topanga Canyon. And the following is a picture of the Trailer Canyon fire road, also in the Santa Monica mountains, and which is actually deceptively close to Sunset Boulevard, near the coast. These were both destinations that Tom and […]