tom’s love of cars

Tom works on his engine, with help from the G-man.

From early childhood, Tom had a fascination for cars and other motor vehicles. As a young child, he could identify virtually every model on the road and could supply statistics on horsepower, gas mileage, air resistance, torque, and reliability. He grew up reading car magazines like Motor Trend, Car & Driver, and Automobile. Over the years, he became an excellent mechanic, and did a lot of work on his cars himself.












2 thoughts on “tom’s love of cars

  1. In about 1970 as I remember I took a trip to San Francisco with my friend Ray from Los Angeles by hitch hiking to Santa Barbara and hoping a freight train to San Jose and then taking a bus up to San Francisco and on to Richmond on the North Bay where Greg, Linda and Tommy lived near the Standard Oil docks. Tommy was still in diapers and loved to wrestle on the carpet and wake us up in our sleeping bags by jumping on us. He really couldn’t talk too much yet but, loved to imitate the sound of cars and trucks when playing with his toys. One could tell even then that he was “car struck.” His love of cars really was a life-long phenomenon.

    • I remember your visit to our place in Point Richmond very well. We didn’t have much furniture at the time, and you guys were sleeping on the floor in the living room… and Tommy was your built-in alarm clock.

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