more about tom and computers

Millions of apple computers were produced in the 1980s. Pictured here is an apple iie, which was often used in schools about the time Tom was in 9th grade.

Tom was in the first generation that essentially grew up with computers. He took a class in computers in junior high school; I seem to remember him learning on a Commodore 64 (which had 64K of RAM) and somewhere along the line he almost certainly used an Apple II in school.

When the early IBM pc came out, Tom bought one of those, and he consistently upgraded as the processors got faster. For example, I remember that he had one of the first Pentium processors on his computer.

Tom graduated from Cal State University Northridge in 1991 and started using computers in his business career right away. Initially, he started a bicycle repair business in San Luis Obispo, then went into real estate appraisal in Santa Barbara. I remember Tom doing his early appraisals in the 1990s entirely on paper. He would take a photograph of a property he appraised, then glue it to the paper report. Soon, though, as the technology improved, he was doing his appraisals entirely on the computer, including photographs. That was an excitingh transition to watch Tom go through, and he did it so easily apparently because he had developed an early affinity and comfort with computers.













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